Mental Houseplants: Why We Are Lowering Our Prices

We are excited to share a very special update with our beloved community. Mental Houseplants is taking a significant step to make our offerings even more accessible and affordable. Starting today, we are lowering our plant prices!

Since our opening on March 17, 2023, we have been overwhelmed by the incredible support we have received for our mission, values, exceptional products, and top-notch customer service. This positive reception has fueled our determination to continuously improve and create an even more inclusive and fulfilling experience for all.

Here are some key reasons behind our decision to lower prices:

  1. Reach more people and spread our message: By making our products more affordable, we aim to extend our reach and share the transformative power of mental wellbeing through plant care with a wider audience. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the benefits of mindfulness and the joy of nurturing plants.

  2. Competing in a dynamic market: The indoor plant industry is highly competitive, and we strive to demonstrate our value and stand out among the rest. By adjusting our prices, we want to prove our worth by offering exceptional quality at a more competitive rate. Additionally, as we become more established with consistent revenue, we are able to negotiate rates with our suppliers and increase profitability allowing us to make a sustainable living. 

  3. Foster long-term customer relationships: We deeply value the relationships we have built with our customers. Lowering our prices is one way to show our appreciation and commitment to their continued support. We hope this decision will foster even stronger bonds and encourage customers to embark on a long-term journey of mindfulness and growth with us.

  4. Supporting financial wellbeing in a tough economy: We understand that the current economic climate can present challenges for many. By reducing our prices, we aim to support the financial well-being of our customers, ensuring that everyone can prioritize their mental well-being without breaking the bank.

  5. Encourage experimentation and exploration: Lower prices open up opportunities for customers to explore new plants and expand their plant care routines. We want to inspire curiosity, allowing our community to try new varieties, techniques, and creative plant arrangements without hesitation.

  6. Increase overall customer satisfaction: At Mental Houseplants, customer satisfaction is at the core of what we do. Lowering our prices is part of our commitment to providing an exceptional experience that not only meets but exceeds our customers' expectations. We want every interaction with Mental Houseplants to leave a lasting impression of joy, fulfillment, and well-being.

As a business that values transparency and authenticity, we want to share with you how we arrived at our decision to change our profit margins. At Mental Houseplants, we are deeply committed to putting people over profit and creating a sustainable business that allows us to make a living while prioritizing the well-being of our supporters and community.

Before our launch, we initially aimed for a 20% profit margin, which included our donation. This figure was based on some basic research, as 20% is generally considered a good margin in the industry. However, as we delved further into our mission and goals, we realized that this percentage was simply too high for what we aspire to achieve.

As a passionate and mission-driven business, our priority lies in caring for our supporters and community, rather than maximizing our profits from each individual. Therefore, we have made the decision to lower our profit margin to approximately 10%. By doing so, we aim to gain more brand awareness and build trust within the market, demonstrating our genuine commitment to providing affordable prices and ensuring that mental well-being through plant care remains accessible to as many people as possible.

We understand that this may be an unconventional approach in a profit-driven world, but we believe that fostering a strong connection with our community and staying true to our values will lead us to long-term success. We want to thank you for your ongoing support as we continue to grow, adapt, and make decisions that align with our mission.

We are thrilled to embark on this new chapter with you, offering an even more accessible path to the therapeutic benefits of plant care. Thank you for your unwavering support, and we look forward to continuing this journey of growth and connection together.

Best Regards,


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