Virtual Shopping for Local Residents

Discover the Perfect Plant from the Comfort of Your Home with Mental Houseplants

In response to the chilly weather, Mental Houseplants has decided to pull our plant inventory from the Viva Fall River shop until warmer weather returns. However, this doesn't mean you have to miss out on adding greenery to your space! We still have plants on hand for local purchases!

Seamless Virtual Shopping Experience

If you are local and would like to see the plant inventory we have on hand, try virtual shopping with us! This will allow you to schedule an appointment with us to shop for the plants we have here in Fall River in our greenhouses and choose exactly which plant you would like. Schedule a virtual shopping appointment with us by emailing us at!

Complimentary Delivery Service

Once you've made your selection, Mental Houseplants is delighted to offer complimentary delivery, exclusive service is available to residents of Bristol County, Massachusetts, and select towns in Rhode Island.

Scheduled Delivery for Your Convenience

We've streamlined our delivery process to ensure your new plant arrives at the perfect time. Deliveries are thoughtfully scheduled on Mondays and Thursdays, providing you with a convenient and reliable service.


Lets transform your space or find the perfect gift for the plant enthusiast in your life with Mental Houseplants. 

Please note, this Virtual Shopping Service is available to local residents of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. However, customers are still able to purchase from our online store from anywhere in the contingent United States by clicking on the shop tab in the navigation bar. Thank you!

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