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Rhaphidophora 'Shingle Plant Cryptantha'

Rhaphidophora 'Shingle Plant Cryptantha'

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Rhaphidophora cryptantha is an enchanting climbing plant known for its unique and intricately patterned leaves that exhibit a stunning blend of deep green and silver-gray hues. The foliage features a mosaic-like pattern with intricate veining. With a climbing growth habit, Rhaphidophora cryptantha can ascend on supports, trellises, or moss poles, reaching heights of several feet.

Botanical & Common Names

Botanical: Rhaphidophora cryptantha

Common: Shingle Plant, Shingle Vine

Necessary Care Tips

  • Light: Bright Indirect
  • Ideal Temperature: 65-80°F
  • Humidity: Medium
  • Water: When the top 2 inches of soil are dry
  • Fertilize: Once a month during the growing season with a balanced fertilizer diluted to half strength
  • Preferred Soil: Well-Draining Potting Mix

Advanced Care Tips

  • Easily propagated through stem cuttings or by air layering.
  • This plant prefers bright, indirect light but can tolerate lower light conditions.

Plant Insights

  • Member of the Araceae family, also known as the arum family, which is a large family of flowering plants that includes over 3,700 species.
  • Rhaphidophora plants are native to Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands, particularly regions like Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines.
  • Rhaphidophora plants are often mistaken for Monstera or Philodendron due to their similar appearance, but they are different genera.
  • They are known for their air-purifying qualities and can help remove pollutants like formaldehyde from the air.
  • The main difference between the Rhaphidophora cryptantha and the Rhaphidophora hayi is the Rhaphidophora cryptantha leaves are more bunched together whereas the Rhaphidophora hayii havs more distance between the leaves.
  • Unsafe / Toxic
  • Low Maintenance

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