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Digital art of a person hugging themself with a monstera leaf on their shoulder.

Why The 'Mental' In Mental Houseplants?

It's not because we're crazy (entirely). This blog post is about sharing the research behind indoor plants and their benefits on mental health and wellbeing. Click the button below to learn more.

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  • Plant Tips

    Expert advice and tips on general plant care. We share what we've learned in our own plant journey to give you a head-start.

    Plant Tips 
  • A drawing of Fibonacci's spiral in the growth of the Ficus Fiddle Leaf Fig.

    Plant Science

    Learn more about the science of plants from the founders of botany to how plants grow and why!

    Plant Science 
  • Wellness Benefits

    We didn't create Mental Houseplants based on personal experience and stories alone. In this blog, we review the scientific research that validated our beliefs and inspired us to push forward.

    Plant Benefits 
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Co-founders Nolan and Kayla Gajdascz of Mental Houseplants sitting together with their personal indoor plant collection.


As co-founders, we are the sole owners and operators of Mental Houseplants. We started building this company from nothing in early October 2022. Since then, we have dedicated ourselves entirely because we believe in ourselves and our purpose. Learn more by clicking the button below!

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