Power of Indoor Plans for Mental Health 

We asked our community on this Instagram post to comment how plants have positively impacted their mental health. Here are a few incredibly inspiring stories we have received:

  • "My mind is calm and at peace when I'm tending to my plants usually the only time in my day"
  • "So cool of yall! — plants have helped me to stop thinking so much and just clear my mind for the tine my anxiety eases up and I can escape into my planty world. "
  • "They give me a chance to disconnect and refocus on something manageable."
  • "Plants have taught me how to be patient and how to slow down in this fast world. It's been so amazing just being able to see how plants just grow."
  • "My houseplants give my home a peaceful serene environment. When guests visit they tend to sit exhale and relax stay a little longer enjoying the calming greenery as the plants sooth away all our stresses."
  • "My plants are my babies! They are part of my morning routine I check all of them and tend to them. They are so grateful if you forget one a little water will perk it back up! Shows me how resilient we all are."
  • "Being able to focus on taking care of plants have not only helped my mental health by getting me on a schedule to keep my executive dysfunction at bay my anxiety has decreased and the colors and seeing them grow make me happy but it's also helped my physical health get better I have a disability so getting up to take care of the plants keeps me from staying in bed and making my muscles and joints worse. Plus the fresh air plants give is so refreshing."
  • "Plants as a hobby is me finally doing something just for me after becoming a mom and being solely focused on my baby."
  • "Plants and gardening have Bern a HUGE Stress relief on my mental health!! It's been a horrible last 5yrs physically  financially  and emotionally losing my dad very recently and sister in law within 2 weeks if each other.. I've been disabled and still struggling with major health all while still trying take care others like my now widowed disabled mom and a husband.. I'm finding refuge in grounding the sunshine and all my hard work is coming together slowly but surely ty for opportunity."
  • "Plants helped me connect to a community during a time when we were sheltered in place during pandemic. It kept my mind and body busy and was an outlet for me to be social with others"
  • "Plants have given me a beautiful hobby to enjoy. Even when there is no sun I am out checking on my plants. I love going to Lowes and Home Depot to look and buy more plants and flowers. They bring me peace remind me that life is beautiful and that God created plants for beauty and they are life giving to us!! They give us oxygen we in turn give them carbon dioxide! How amazing is that!!!"
  • "Growing learning and being around plants puts me in a complete feeling of serenity. I feel much more grounded and at peace with myself and the world around me- I've struggled with severe anxiety for years where it was crippling and my plants & gardens have been the only thing to ease my mind in another direction. a bonus? It gives me a sense of purpose watching something grow before my very eyes and being able to say did that. Or with my garden you get to experience the meaning of life before your very eyes from beginning to end. They've connected me with people and became something to bond with complete strangers over even though I tend to get social anxiety as well. Get me talking on a plant though and I can't stop!"
  • "I bought one plant because of advice from someone else and I highly doubted it would do anything for my mental health but it brought me such joy and pride watching it grow and thrive now i have a plant addiction."
  • "Plants and gardening helped me get through a terrible hard time with my first grand baby being born at only 28 weeks 138 days in the NICU and with my hands in dirt every night I was able to get through and the beauty in bloom made such a difference to my stress levels and mental health. Thankfully he made it through and is a healthy baby beam sprout  today"
  • "I bought my first plant in 2020 just for decorations purposes I got the zz because it's very low maintenance. But in January this year I lost my twins at week 23 of my pregnancy. Plants have been helping me through my grief. I spend some time in my plant room whenever I my emotions overwhelm me. Their steady growth and resilience is very inspiring."
  • "Plants have helped my mental health tremendously! Being able to relax while watching the growth is beautiful. Learning to breath with them and letting things roll like the water off a leaf."
  • "For my mental health my plants give me so much satisfaction both as things that respond to my proper care with new growth and as home decor with a purpose. I have many plants that survived my complex pregnancy and now I can share them with my son. Even at 8 months old he's already excited about them and I can't wait until he can really help me with them."
  • "my plants always bring me happiness when I'm feeling down! taking care of them puts me in the right headspace to get other things done as well."
  • "Plants are my zen. They are where I am able to connect with my thoughts as I take care of my plants they're a key part of my mental fitness."
  • "A couple months ago I brought home my first plant. Now I have 20+ and growing. It's been extremely therapeutic and has helped so much with my mental health. My mom passed coming up on 2 years ago. When I got into plants a couple months ago I found out I needed to get a humidifier. I had been avoiding going through my moms things because it's been such a traumatic loss. I finally went through her things a while back and found a brand new humidifier. It seemed like a sign that I was meant to get into plants at this exact time. If I had found the humidifier before I got into plants I probably would have just given it away. Now she can be apart of something new that I love even though she's not here."
  • "I had spinal nerve damage and death from a botched epidural during birth 2 years ago I had to relearn to walk and still am limited physically. I can't do any of my old hobbies I used to love because it hurts too much. I randomly saw a magenta dracaena in a grocery store one day and fell in love. One thing led to another and now I have a jungle 100+ strong. I finally feel passionate and happy about something. Plants literally saved me."
  • "I love this. I moved from a super hikey and cool area to Kansas a year ago and got super homesick. a friend gifted me a monstera propagate to take back with me after a visit home and it started to become one of my prized possessions. I started growing my collection and caring for them gives me a sense of purpose and getting new plants repotting and now propagating has given me something to do at home that gives me joy so I'm not sitting at home super sad missing my old life all the time. The confidence from keeping indoor plants alive has helped me expand to maintaining a garden and flowerbed for extra mental health benefits outside."
  • "My sunroom full of my plants is my happy place! Whenever I am feeling down that is where I find the most peace!"
  • "I moved to an apartment with more light my old apartment was dark. I have just a few new plants that I and the cats love. Plants bring nature to my apartment  are beautiful and provide oxygen.  Would love to have more cat friendly plants to love."
  • "Plants have been positively impacting me my whole life but some recent experiences have been more notable. During high school I was really struggling to keep up. My anxiety depression and adhd were all pulling me down. The passing of my bird really sealed it for me I felt like there was nothing I could do. Time passed and nothing changed. Then I found happiness in plants. I started getting serious about my veggie garden. I had my first harvesting of my veggies last year. This year I have only made more progress! My dad built me a chicken wire wall to keep animals out and it's been working great. My plants are growing well and it makes me happy. My veggie garden and my regular garden keep me on a watering schedule. It gives me something to look forward to and gives me a reason to get up. Plants have really saved me and I'd love to be able to add on to my plant collection :)"
  • "My plants give me a break from the chaos of every day a peace and tranquility I don't otherwise get. I like to visit each of my plants first thing in the morning have a little chat show a little love and uplift my mood and gain a positive outlook for the day. We reconvene in the evening before the sun goes down kinda like we're checking in and checking on each other. But really--I take care of them and they take care of me in some aspects."
  • "During Covid I really got into succulents & houseplants as a way to deal with having to stay home and trying to maintain some sanity.  They became my babies and it was fun potting up different succulent arrangements & trying my hand @ propagating various houseplants!"
  • "Plants have literally saved my life. I am chronically ill and can not leave my house very often so my plants are my people. I have them in every single room and window of my house. Just the green and all the colors makes me feel more alive."
  • "Caring for my houseplants allows me to set time aside for myself to just BE. Watering and plant chores are calming and seeing them grow is energizing."
  • "My anxiety was at an all time high after teaching during the pandemic. Taking care of plants began to move my focus onto something soothing and gave me a hobby outside of my job a community of plant-loving people and something new and fun to learn about which has GREATLY improved my mental health over the last couple years"
  • "After I went back to work from maternity leave I expected to start to feel like myself again but that wasn't the case. It was hard to keep up with exercise and my previous self-care routines being a new working mom a struggle that continued past his first birthday. I also found myself not wanting to leave the house cook dinner and even noticed I wasn't as supportive and positive in all of my interactions as I once was. One day I looked at the two plants I already had and decided that I was going to take better care of them. In the process I started taking better care of me. Getting my hands dirty seeing the growth when I thought maybe I loved my plants too much seeing them come back from that extra love and learning about new plants - I was excited about everything else in life again! I had the motivation to exercise (doing yoga next to my plants is the most peaceful and satisfying activity) and be present in each moment with my son and husband. I became my more compassionate self again. Plants have calmed my mind and made room for so much more love to be directed at myself and everyone and everything around me."
  • "Plants are my therapy. I recently just got a milsbo cabinet and its like my adult Barbie dream house. As an only child growing up I spent so much time playing barbies living out timelines and events through my imagination. As an adult sitting with my plants- watering tending pruning and just looking  at takes me away to that same comforting space of creativity and imagination from my childhood. It's soo enchanting and relaxing."
  • "I started out with one plant to bring some life into our new house and one plant turned into ten which then turned into twenty and I realized I finally had a hobby for the first time in 10 years. Watching my plants shoot out new growth makes me so happy and it feels good to come home after work and do something I thoroughly enjoy instead of just getting stuck in the never ending cycle of wake up go to work come home and go to sleep."
  • "Plants in my house give me something to care for and nurture and many are forgiving if I neglect them. Starting the plant chores like a simply watering everyone can get me in the mindset to get other things done around the house which helps my motivation!"
  • "For my mental health, my plants give me so much satisfaction both as things that respond to my proper care with new growth, and as home decor with a purpose. I have many plants that survived my complex pregnancy, and now I can share them with my son. Even at 8 months old he’s already excited about them and I can’t wait until he can really help me with them."

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