About Co-Founders

Co-founders Nolan and Kayla Gajdascz of Mental Houseplants sitting together with their personal indoor plant collection.Nolan and Kayla Gajdascz are the driving forces behind Mental Houseplants™ LLC, a company dedicated to spreading the benefits of indoor plants on mental health and wellbeing. Their passion for this venture is rooted in personal experience and a deep understanding of the impact indoor plants can have on one's life.

Kayla's love for indoor plants began with just two - a cat palm and a golden pothos - and over time, her collection grew and so did her appreciation for their positive impact on her mental and emotional wellbeing. Today, her thriving collection of over 80 indoor plants in a single-bedroom apartment showcases her expertise. Nolan, inspired by Kayla's experience and eager to learn more, delved into research and discovered the compelling connection between indoor plants and improved mental health and wellbeing.

Together, Nolan and Kayla saw an opportunity to make a difference and founded Mental Houseplants. As partners in both life and business, they are combining their unique experiences and passions to create a community that supports and encourages each other, along with the positive impact of indoor plants. They aim to raise awareness, break down stigmas, and create a more positive and inclusive world.

At Mental Houseplants, Nolan and Kayla aim to provide customers with not just healthy plants, but also a supportive community and valuable resources to help them thrive. They are committed to delivering the best possible experience and making a lasting positive impact, one plant at a time.

President & Co-Founder

Kayla Gajdascz

As someone who has personally struggled with mental health, including ADHD and other diagnoses, as well as someone who endured childhood trauma, I have found that caring for plants has had a profound positive impact on my mental health and well-being. Through my own experiences, I discovered that plant care can help improve mental health, increase mindfulness, and boost confidence.
I am passionate about sharing my personal story and the benefits of indoor plants with others, with the goal of inspiring and supporting those who may be struggling with their own mental health journey. I believe that with determination and self-care, anyone can overcome life's challenges and achieve their goals. Together with my husband, Nolan Gajdascz, we are dedicated to building a community around Mental Houseplants, providing support and sharing tips on plant care and overall wellness.

Discover your path to mental wellness, one plant at a time!

CEO & Co-Founder

Nolan Gajdascz

After facing traumatic experiences in my youth, I struggled with feelings of uncertainty and self-doubt. But at 19, I made the life-changing decision to seek therapy and work on my personal growth, which led me to discover the power of mindfulness. Through therapy and perseverance, I was able to achieve goals that once seemed impossible.

I pursued my passion for fitness and became a personal trainer, and later went back to school with the encouragement of my wife and best friend, Kayla. With dedication and hard work, I graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Information Technology, achieving a 3.81 GPA.

Along the way, Kayla introduced me to the amazing benefits of owning and caring for indoor plants. This sparked my interest in researching their potential to improve mental health and wellbeing. Together, we created Mental Houseplants, a company dedicated to making an impact in the lives of those who care about their own, and others, mental health.

  • Mental Houseplants doggy assistant Patch sitting in front of indoor plant collection.


    Age: 8

    Breed: American Bulldog / Stafford Terrier
    From: Rescued from Florida
    Personality: I am the big lover. I could be kissed and cuddled all day long. Snuggin' up with dad is my favorite place to be. When I'm not cuddling, I love to chew my bones and destroy all the toys.
    Favorite Plant: Monstera deliciosa like mom! I've been known to take a few sniffs of them here and there. My wagging tail sometimes whacks the plants but otherwise I don't bother much with the plants like a good boy.

  • Mental Houseplants doggy assistant Jasper sitting in front of indoor plants collection.


    Age: 4
    Breed: Australian Cattle Dog / Catahoula Leopard
    From: Rescued from Arkansas
    Personality: I'm a deaf, epileptic, goofy boy. I'm clumsy and not good at catching balls. I may not understand the concept of fetch, but I love to run alongside my brothers anyways. I'm thankful I have brothers because I get scared when Mom and Dad have to leave. They make me feel safe!
    Favorite Plant: All of them! When I think mom isn't looking, I love to stick my long snout in them and take big sniffs.

  • Mental Houseplants doggy assistant Rupert sitting in front of indoor plant collection.


    Age: 4

    Breed: ??? / Stafford Terrier
    From: Rescued from Salem Massachusetts.
    Personality: I'm an anxious mommies boy. If I haven't known you awhile then I will be nervous around you. My favorite place to be is home or at the baseball field where I can run and run and run! I jump up and down like a bunny when I'm excited, especially for treats. Tennis balls and squeaky toys are the best!
    Favorite Plant: Snake plants! I like that they are sturdy because I've accidentally knocked them over when playing with my tennis balls.

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