Visit Mental Houseplants At The Southcoast Open Air Market In Somerset Massachusetts (2023)!


💚SOAM 2023💚

SOAM stands for the Southcoast Open Air Market located in Somerset, Ma. This was founded by Allison Faunce who wanted to provide a hub for the local community to gather and sell all things fresh, local, and/or handmade. As it says on their page, it is a market for makers, founded by makers!

Those who participate are considered to be SOAMily, SOAM + Family. This organization values community, togetherness, and support.

There isn't an event like this in our area. This is a very competitive event and they carefully curate vendors. This year was their highest number of applications they ever received and we were told we might not get every date we signed up for as they aim to keep things fresh and rotating in order to maintain the new and exciting feeling when customers come.

But that wasn't the case for us!

We got accepted for every single date!

The heartwarming feeling Nolan & I had when receiving our acceptance email was exciting! SOAM believed in our desire to make a positive difference in our community and world so much, they wanted us there every weekend. Incredible!

We are so excited to meet and interact with our local community. We can't wait to spread our message, continue to fight the stigma against mental health, and raise awareness!

Like SOAM's core mission and values state, We are stronger when we do this together 💚

We hope to see you there!

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