Welcome Nature Indoors with Woodland Pulse's Organic Modern Decor

In a world that moves at the speed of technology, finding a moment of tranquility can be rare. Woodland Pulse, the brainchild of Wally Rashid, emerges as a beacon of hope and possibility in the tumult of our daily lives. Founded in 2023, this sustainable modern decor shop doesn't just offer items to adorn your space; it offers a sensory journey that anchors you back to the earth and the present moment.


At Woodland Pulse, every piece is a conversation between art and nature. The modern plant pots and unique vases are not mere containers but vessels that carry the essence of the wild into your home. These are creations transform transform your space and awaken your senses to the pulse of nature.

The brand stands firmly on the foundation of sustainability, understanding that to bring nature into our homes, we must honor it in production as well. Their pots are a testament to this philosophy—beautifully 3D printed from recycled wood fibers and corn byproduct, each one is a statement of their commitment to the environment. This innovative use of materials not only lends durability and eco-friendliness to the products but also ensures that every item carries the unique fingerprint of the woodgrain from which it was born.

But the allure of Woodland Pulse's decor doesn't end with visual beauty. Each piece is finished with a texture that begs to be touched, a subtle ASMR experience that calls to your fingertips, encouraging you to explore the natural ridges and grooves— a tactile reminder of the world beyond our screens. And with a hint of cedarwood essential oil infused within, a gentle nudge towards relaxation and calmness is only a breath away.

Outside of creating organic, sustainable pots, Woodland Pulse takes their commitment to the environment one step further: they donate a portion of every sale to Climework, a company dedicated to removing CO2 and advancing CO2 removal technologies. Additionally, Woodland Pulse is also a yearly sponsor for the nonprofit organization SEE Turtles, a company who supports sea turtle conservation programs.

Woodland Pulse's mission is clear—to foster a deeper connection between us and our environment, allowing us to bring the beauty and balance of the outdoors into our everyday spaces. As we introduce Woodland Pulse to our store, we invite you to experience this connection firsthand. 
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