Aloe plants prefer bright, indirect light but can tolerate some direct sunlight. Avoid placing your Aloe in low light conditions, as this will cause the leaves to become elongated and weak.
Aloe plants are succulents and prefer to be on the dry side. Allow the soil to completely dry out 100% between waterings, and water deeply when you do. Be sure to not leave the plant sitting in the saucer to avoid root rot.
Aloe plants need a porous soil that is well-draining and will not retain excess moisture. Thankfully, aloe’s are very adaptable and can grow in a commercial cactus potting mix or a DIY mixture of 1:1:1:½ coco coir, perlite, coarse sand, worm composting will work really well.
Aloe plants prefer low humidity and can tolerate dry air.
Aloe plants prefer temperatures between 55-80°F and can tolerate a slight drop in temperature at night. Be sure to protect your plant from cold drafts or sudden temperature changes.
Aloe grows in nutrient-poor soil in its native desert habitat and does not require extra fertilizing. However, using a liquid 10-40-10 diluted to half strength annually during the growing season will help your aloe maintain its vibrant color. Do not use fertilizer during the fall and winter when growth slows and the plant becomes dormant.
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