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A common misconception we find people have is that they cannot care for indoor plants because they do not have proper lighting conditions in their home. Additionally we often hear that grow lights are unsightly, consume too much expensive electricity, and are comparatively ineffective to natural lighting. About 10 years ago, all of these concerns would be entirely valid because we hadn't yet seen what LEDs could fully offer us. In the early 2010s we saw a technological paradigm shift in grow light technologies, primarily the exponential growth of LEDs. This shift lead to LEDs being named the official fourth-generation of lighting sources. Since being named the fourth-generation of lighting sources, we've come to learn that LEDs are by the the most efficient and effective grow lights you can own today.

If you'd like more information on the generations of lights check out our article: Generations of Lighting Technologies: A Brief Overview, History, and Comparison

Why Soltech Solutions?

At Mental Houseplants we pride ourselves on working exclusively with ethical partners who offer premium and long-lasting products. This is exactly why we knew Soltech was the perfect partner to offer grow light solutions to our supporters.

Quality Technology

Soltech Solutions arguably offers two of the highest-performing and aesthetically pleasing LED grow lights the market has ever seen.


The Vita by Soltech Solutions is a high-performing LED bulb with a solid aluminum body that comes ready to plug into any traditional light fixtures. At 20 watts, this bulb produces a healthy 3000k color temperature ensuring your houseplant(s) gets the light they need to thrive. Additionally, the Vita is incredibly accommodating to you and your plant needs as you can choose between wide (60°) or narrow (36°) beam angle, and it also has a dimmable option for US and Canadian residents. The Vita also boasts an incredible 5-year lifespan and is covered by a 3-year warranty! 

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    The Aspect by Soltech Solutions is a pendant style LED grow light with a solid aluminum body that's ready to plug into any traditional electric outlet. Unlike the Vita, the Aspect can come as either a smaller 20 Watt bulb or a larger 40 Watt bulb, but it produces the same 3000k color temperature to give your plants the exact lighting they need for growth and photosynthesis. Also, the Aspect is hand-built within the United States of America! Since the aspect doesn't need a lighting fixture, it's a bit easier to "plug-and-play" than the Vita, offering an overall easier set-up. What's most impressive about the Aspect LED grow light to us is that it is given a 15-year lifespan and is covered by a 5-year warranty! 

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    A chart comparing Soltech Solutions' Aspect and Vita LED grow lights.

    Customer Service

    Soltech Solutions has the highest-rated LED grow lights available today. At the time of writing this article (on the official Soltech website) the Vita has 4.9 stars with 197 reviews while the Aspect has 5.0 stars with 354 reviews, that's amazing! You simply cannot get these reviews without providing top-notch products and customer service, which they absolutely do.

    Since Mental Houseplants has personally partnered with Soltech Solutions, we can attest to their lights quality and their above-and-beyond customer service. In working closely with them, we've found their team to be responsive, attentive, and understanding to all of our questions and or concerns. The very few and minor issues we've had in getting set-up with them were remedied immediately and with care. Also, if you missed it in the previous section of this article, Soltech Solutions offers one of the (if not the) best warranties on their LED grow lights available (3-Year on the Vita & 5-Year on the Aspect). Therefore, you're guaranteed to have an exceptional experience in trusting Soltech Solutions to provide your grow-light needs. Between their devoted customer service and long-lasting no-nonsense warranty, you should expect nothing less than utter satisfaction from your Soltech purchase.

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    Soltech Solutions' stated mission is "Innovating spaces to brighten lives through plants." which resonates with us at Mental Houseplants as we believe indoor plants can have a significant impact on a persons mental health and wellbeing, or as Soltech puts it, "brighten lives." 


    Soltech Solutions produces aesthetically pleasing lights that last for many years and are set to become carbon neutral by 2025. They've already incorporated new biodegradable packaging and have reduced their carbon footprint by 4 tons of CO2 per year. Additionally, Soltech Solutions has eliminated 51 miles of tape each year and reduced their printed paper by 75%!


    Like Mental Houseplants, Soltech Solutions is about giving back and supporting those who could use it. They've partnered with the non-profit Watts of Love who believes everyone has equal value and deserves an opportunity. Watts of Love aids the most vulnerable people in the developing world who live without access to electrical lighting.

    Click this link to learn more about Watts of Love

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