About Nolan

Hello, I'm Nolan Gajdascz, co-founder of Mental Houseplants. Growing up, I faced traumatic experiences that left me with constant feelings of uncertainty and self-hatred. To cope, I turned to drugs and lived for the moments I could truly escape. At 19, I hit my breaking point and made the life-altering decision to see a therapist. Through therapy and personal growth, I gained confidence and pursued my passion for fitness as a personal trainer.

It was in the gym that I met my now-wife and best friend, Kayla, who encouraged me to go back to school and helped me discover my love for learning. I became devoted to my academics and proudly finished my Bachelor's of Science in Information Technology with a concentration in math, engineering, and science, achieving a 3.81 GPA.

However, my journey to academic success wasn't without its challenges. I spent a lifetime feeling like I could never be as smart as my peers, always having to work twice as hard to achieve similar results. My go to saying was always "It's just not for me". When I went back to college, I decided to give it my absolute best but kept falling short. This led me to seek answers and understanding, and I was diagnosed with ADHD. This revelation became a turning point, helping me to better understand myself and how to overcome the obstacles in my path.

Kayla also introduced me to the transformative power of indoor plants. Intrigued by their potential to improve mental health and wellbeing, I delved into research on the topic and realized that I could create something special with my wife. Together, we are dedicated to improving the world and people's wellbeing through Mental Houseplants.