Houseplant Guarantee

 Every Plant You Purchase Is Backed By a 30-Day Guarantee From The Day You Receive It.

How could we possibly have the confidence to back every single one of our indoor plants for a full 30-days?

Here's a summary:

  • We have mastered the art of sustainably and safely {packaging and shipping live plants} so that you can be one-hundred percent confident in your order, our process, and our guarantee.
    • This process has been finely tuned for years and has proven to be the most effective and innovative method to date!
  • For over 60+ years our local growers have been producing the finest foliage that the industry has ever seen from their small, family-owned farms.
    • Significant time and effort has been put into optimizing our operations to be as sustainable and beneficial to as many people as possible!
    • Our local growers can be found in Mount Dora, Florida where the climate there provides an optimal environment for plant growth. Giving us confidence in knowing you are getting a beautiful plant.



     To Our Customers

    Both Founders of MHP have had the same troubles and anxieties that come with online indoor plant shopping. This is why we are driven to provide an unmatched experience to every single person that decides to support our business. Please email ANY questions or concerns to You can also contact us on our Facebook page Mental HousePlants *insert website*


      To Our World

    Words do not exist that can accurately describe our passion for driving positive change.

    We want to be the change that we wish to see in the world. Every operational piece of Mental Houseplants has been considered and optimized in order to provide the most benefit to the most people.


    Supporting the right people in the right ways

    Our local growers have been operating their family owned farms since the 1950's and 1960's. In this time, they have perfected their craft allowing us to provide you with the highest-quality and most ethically sourced plants available on the market. 

    These farmers also earn twice as much income supplying our greenhouse as opposed to selling to larger retailers. 


    Sustainability is important to us

    The greenhouse in Mount Dora, Florida is storing the same plants you can find in our {catalog}, which are typically under 150 mile from the same growers mentioned previously. This allows for a significant reduction in vehicle emissions due to transport compared to sending them off to large retailers.

    Also, since the plants are not spending nearly as much time in transit, we experience much less damaged and wasted plants.



    Life can be difficult, especially for people who have to consider their mental health (trust me when I say, we understand). Nothing could be more personally meaningful than knowing we are doing something good for people and the world.  

    Our guarantee starts before the seeds hit the soil and does not end until 30-days after you receive your indoor plant. We could not believe in this so strongly if it were not for the extensive work put into backing it. 

    It is critical to Mental Houseplants' mission statement we help to benefit as many people as we possibly can. This means to give you the best experience possible, we know we need to give our farmers, our customers, and our world the same respect.