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Delosperma 'Pickle Plant'

Delosperma 'Pickle Plant'

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The Delosperma echinatum 'Pickle Plant' is a unique and visually interesting houseplant, distinguished by its cylindrical, succulent green leaves that resemble little pickles. This plant features an upright and bushy growth habit, with leaves extending from the central stem. At full growth, the 'Pickle Plant' Delosperma achieves a height of approximately 2-3 feet.

Botanical & Common Names

Botanical: Delosperma echinatum

Common: Pickle Plant, Pickle Succulent, Ice Plant

Necessary Care Tips

  • Light: Bright Direct
  • Ideal Temperature: 65-95°F
  • Humidity: Medium
  • Water: Allow the soil to dry out completely between watering
  • Fertilize: Once a month during the growing season with a balanced fertilizer diluted to half strength
  • Preferred Soil: Cacti and Succulent Potting Mix

Advanced Care Tips

  • Remember that the Delosperma Pickle Plant is a drought-tolerant succulent. Meaning, it's much easier to overwater, than to underwater.
  • To encourage your Delosperma Pickle Plant to change colors provide it with very bright light, cooler temperatures, and even extended drought.
  • To encourage your Delosperma Pickle Plant to flower, provide it with the recommended optimal conditions. Once it's mature, provide a stress period by withholding water for a few weeks and or by moving it to a cooler location for the winter.

Plant Insights

  • Member of the Aizoaceae family, which is a large family of flowering succulent plants that includes over 1,800 species.
  • The Delosperma Pickle Plant is native to South Africa.
  • The Delosperma Pickle Plant gets its name from its leaves, which are shaped like pickles.
  • The Delosperma Pickle Plant can flower in a variety of colors, including yellow, orange, pink, and purple.
  • As a cactus and succulent, the Delosperma Pickle Plant stores water above the soil in its leaves making it a very drought tolerant houseplant.
  • The Delosperma Pickle Plant can handle a lower humidity as it's native to the dry desert climate.
  • The Delosperma Pickle Plant can change colors when exposed to various conditions.
  • Pet Safe / Nontoxic
  • Low Maintenance

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