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DISC™ Black Planter

DISC™ Black Planter

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Fulfilled by our friends at Woodland Pulse

Meet our modern indoor planter DISC in black. This isn't just a black flower pot for your plants; DISC is also soothing to touch and doubles as a passive diffuser. It's ASMR woodgrain texture causes a tingling sensation when held, allowing for a soothing tactile experience.

These black plant pots are also infused with cedar oil. It's calming woody scent also contains natural pest deterrent properties. This unique property helps keep pests like gnats, mites, and aphids away from your indoor plants.

Our black flower pots are more than just stylish. They provide a gentle, calming effect, perfect for spaces where relaxation is key. This makes these black modern planters a perfect fit for a therapist's office, helping to promote a calm atmosphere. 

Key Features:

  • Sophisticated black modern planter pots functioning as passive wooden aromatherapy diffusers
  • Soothing cedarwood aroma promotes calm and relaxation when interacted with
  • Infused cedar oil helps as a natural deterrent against common indoor plant pests
  • Unique woodgrain texture creates a tingling sensation when felt
  • Several drainage holes help reduce root rot
  • Ideal for therapist decor, enhancing a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere
  • More information on these unique pot planters found here.

Total Diameter | Opening Diameter | Height

  • Small: 4.7" | 2.5" | 3.9"
  • Standard: 5.5" | 2.9" | 5.0"
  • Large: 6.7" | 3.6" | 5.5"

The DISC Planter in black is more than just a pot for your plants. These unique plant pots indoor mix style and function, making your decor look calm and elegant.

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  • Light:
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