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DISC™ Brown Boho Planter

DISC™ Brown Boho Planter

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Fulfilled by our friends at Woodland Pulse

Meet the DISC™ boho planter, our unique brown planter that adds a touch of earthy elegance to any space. Not your average brown flower pot, this stylish piece stands out with its distinctive sculptural design.

Offering a unique wood texture that feels good to hold, this brown plant pot is more than just plant decor. It's a sensory experience, blending form, function, and fragrance. Now infused with cedar oil aromatherapy, the DISC™ boho planters provide a calming aroma when held close.

Our DISC™ boho flower pots are eco-friendly and made from recycled wood and corn, perfect for plant lovers. Available in three sizes, each with a matching saucer, these boho plant pots are the perfect match for your neutral decor.

Key Features:

  • Unique sculptural design that makes these brown planters stand out
  • Woodgrain texture and warm lumberyard scent for a unique sensory experience
  • Crafted from recycled wood fibers and corn for eco-friendly decor
  • Three sizes to choose from, each with a matching saucer, perfect as brown flower pots
  • Ideal choice for those seeking brown plant pots or boho planters

Total Diameter | Opening Diameter | Height:

  • Small: 4.7" | 2.5" | 3.9"
  • Standard: 5.5" | 2.9" | 5.0"
  • Large: 6.7" | 3.6" | 5.5"

    Embrace the blend of style, eco-friendly, and sensory experience with our DISC™ brown planter. Order yours today and elevate your boho plant pots collection.

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