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Syngonium 'Albo Variegata'

Syngonium 'Albo Variegata'

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Syngonium 'Albo Variegata', scientifically Syngonium podophyllum albo-variegatum, is a distinctive houseplant known for its arrow-shaped leaves that feature a striking variegation of green and creamy white. The leaves grow along climbing or trailing stems, offering versatility as either a hanging plant or as a climber when provided with support. As a relatively fast-growing indoor plant, the Albo Variegata Syngonium can reach a height of up to 1-2 ft and has the ability to spread, filling the container it's placed in.

      Botanical & Common Names

      Botanical: Syngonium podophyllum albo-variegatum

      Common: Syngonium Albo, Arrowhead Plant, Goosefoot Plant, Nephthytis, Elephant Ear Plant

      Necessary Care Tips

      • Light: Bright Indirect
      • Ideal Temperature: 65-85°F
      • Humidity: High
      • Water: When the top inch of soil is dry
      • Fertilize: Once a month during the growing season with a balanced fertilizer diluted to half strength
      • Preferred Soil: Well-Draining Potting Mix

      Advanced Care Tips

      • During winter, Syngoniums may go into a semi-dormant state. Reduce watering and skip fertilization during this period.

      Plant Insights

      • Member of the Araceae family, also known as the Arum family, which is a large family of flowering plants that includes over 3,700 species.
      • The Syngonium plant is native to tropical regions of Central and South America, particularly in countries like Brazil, Mexico, and Ecuador.
      • Syngonium plants are known for their ability to purify the air by removing toxins like formaldehyde.
      • The leaf shape of the Syngonium changes as the plant matures, starting as an arrow shape and developing into a more complex, multi-lobed form.
      • Unsafe / Toxic
      • Medium Maintenance

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